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Profiling & Segmentation

Hiding amongst vast amounts of data is a wealth of information to be mined, profiled and segmented to make smarter business decisions and narrow down a highly targeted audience for marketing purposes. 

What is data profiling?

Data profiling is the process of mining, analysing and segmenting data according to a businesses needs. Data profiling allows for vital insights that organisations can then leverage for marketing purposes.

What’s more, data profiling filters the data to determine its quality, AKA “list washing” to qualify the data set. Algorithms are used in data analytics to identify common characteristics and consistencies such as mean, max, min, percentile and frequency, scanning the data in precise detail.

The purpose of data segmentation is to better understand, identify and group your customers into specific segments for different purposes. These segments can help attain actionable data to improve your website User Experience (UX), app UX, customer experience (CX) or to enhance your marketing efforts.

How data profiling & segmentation can help you

Our data profiling services allow you to enhance the data used in your analytics system gaining crucial insights into your business and customers. From there, you can optimise highly targeted, specific and more effective marketing campaigns tailored towards different customer segments and profiles.

Having ownership of over 150 million consumer-consented data, EDMi provides you with immediate access to new, expansive markets. With some of the largest profiled and privacy compliant data-sets in the APAC region, you can immediately tap into active consumers on a mass scale and depth to market your content, products and services to those who matter most.

To find out how data profiling can help your business contact EDMI for a free consultation today.