We offer complimentary GDPR audits for your organisation to ensure you are protected and compliant. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) refers to new rules for organisations in the European Union (EU). This also applies to organisations outside of the EU who offer goods and services to people in the EU, or that collect and analyze EU residents data.

What does GDPR mean for Australia?

The Privacy Act now applies to businesses that are incorporated in Australia. Especially Australian businesses with EU customers, or that reside in the EU, should take steps to ensure compliance by May 2019 to avoid harsh penalties, including hefty fines.

Which businesses should be concerned about GDPR compliance?

Any business that collects, stores and uses consumer data for sales & marketing purposes. This covers many sectors such as:

  • Retail

  • Marketing

  • Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • Banking

  • Media

What are the penalties/fines?

As all cases are to be treated independently, penalties and fines differ on case by case basis. Besides having the power to issue fines, the GDPR regulators can enforce a range of sanctions including:

·       Issuing warnings

·       Imposing bans on data processing, both temporary & permanent

·       Forcing erasure of data

·       Suspending data sent to third countries

There are two tiers of maximum fines enforced:

1.      Up to AUD 10 million dollars, or 2% of global revenue (whichever is higher)

2.      Up to AUD 20 million dollars, or 4% of global turnover (whichever is higher)

What does a GDPR audit involve?

Our complimentary GDPR audit is a simple 3-step process:

1.      Initial phone consultation (roughly ½ hour)

2.      Audit – ideally preformed in-house although can be conducted over phone (1 – 2 hours)

3.      Audit results/review and, if required, next steps


The Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Solution

Microsoft was the first major cloud services provider to make GDPR commitments to its customers

While your journey to GDPR may seem challenging, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing makes for a much more seamless transition. As the GDPR raises the privacy bar to a new level, cloud computing is helping many organisations manage their data better and ultimately protect their organisation.

By holding personal data and moving it into a cloud, you not only not only enhancing your compliance with GDPR, but also improving your ability to provide a better customer experience today and in the future.

What is a GDPR detailed assessment?

It may turn out that you your organisation needs to become GDPR compliant. EDMi partner with and follow Microsoft GDPR audit guidance as they are field-leaders and an authority on GDPR compliance.


Free Audit

Simplify your GDPR journey & elevate your privacy practices

Make no mistake, GDPR compliance Australia is very real, and if you don’t check to ensure you are protected, compliant and up to date with your data privacy responsibilities, the consequences could be catastrophic for your business’s bottom line, brand, and customer relations.

We encourage you to work with a qualified professional to discuss GDPR, how it applies specifically to your organisation, and how best to ensure compliance.  As EDMi are heavily involved in the business of big data, we will share our experience in complying with complex regulations of the GDPR.

Our goal is to simplify compliance for our customers with both the GDPR and other major regulations. We are prepared to help you meet your policy, people, process, and technology goals on your journey to GDPR.

 Take advantage of our free audit to ensure you are protected against GDPR compliance