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We have 150+ million consumer-consented Personal Identification Information (PII)

This goldmine of information allows you to leverage big data collection to develop, drive and execute successful brand campaigns to a highly targeted audience.


What is Data Collection?

Data collection is the process of accumulating and measuring facts, statistics and information from different sources. Data collection helps organisations make more informed business and marketing decisions by offering insight, answering relevant questions and narrowing down a target market .

We collect data through various means such as:

·       Brand campaigns

·       Competitions

·       Promotions

·       Reward programs

·       Affiliates

·       Product registrations

Once collected, we mine the mass data set to identify patterns, relationships and discover new and insightful knowledge, with the aim of helping organisations meet their business and marketing goals.

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How can big data help you?

Data collection, or big data, helps your organisation make more informed business decisions and effective marketing to your target customer.  Our data sets are narrowed down through three main stages tailored towards your specific market, product or service.

1.      Consumer profiling and personas through data collection, collation and insights.

2.      Targeting – narrowing down to a very specific target market.

3.      Content Creation – optimising fit-for-purpose campaigns to suit the target market.

In short, by leveraging big data, you can enhance target capabilities to achieve greater ROI on your marketing efforts.

To find out how EDMI can help your business improve your marketing efforts and ROI contact us today for an initial consultation without charge.